1ST CLASS: $10

1 CLASS: $20

*5 CLASSES: $95

*10 CLASSES $170


**REFORM10 MEMBERSHIP: THE BEST VALUE! $130 per month reoccurring, cancel at any time.  Allows you a total of 10 classes per month which can be used in any way you would like. That's $13 per class! The perfect option if you want to come frequently. Make sure to use all 10 classes in the month because they don't roll over to the next month. 

Need more than 10 classes??? 

No problem! REFORM10 Members are allowed to buy additional single classes for $10 each.  

**REFORM4 MEMBERSHIP: The best value for a consistent Pilates maintenance program.  $65 per month reoccurring, cancel at any time.  Allows you a total of 4 classes per month around $16/class which can be used any way you like.  The perfect option if you want to add a little splash of Pilates into your additional fitness regiment. All 4 classes must be used in that month because they don't roll over into the next month.

Need more than 4 classes??? 

No problem! REFORM4 Members are allowed to buy additional single classes for $13 each.


*Class packs may be shared amongst friends, family or co-workers! Share the Pilates LOVE!  All class packs do not expire.

**Monthly Membership is not eligible for class sharing.




Great if you are newer to Pilates or the reformer.  This class is designed to systematically increase the range of motion in every major joint & muscle, to correctly align the body & to increase energy & core strength. You will learn how to stretch, and strengthen at the same time. A great class if you desire a slower, more mindful traditional experience.  This class is designed for those who prefer a class more true to the traditional Joseph Pilates design. While it is a slower paced class, it still remains a challenging workout!


 This class utilizes the reformer, as well as a variety of other props (circle, ball, box, dowel, theraband) to enhance & challenge your Pilates experience.  Attention is paid to toning the whole body including: arms, legs, glutes, abs, inner/outer thighs. The pace is flowing so you will leave feeling long, tall, lean & toned.  This class is appropriate for those who are comfortable on the reformer & are looking to challenge their bodies & minds in new fun ways.


 This is our Pilates cardio combo class utilizing the jumpboard for an added challenge.  In this class you will be lying on your back or side, jumping off a board placed on the end of the reformer.  Think of it as jumping on a trampoline while lying down!  You will engage in intermittent bursts of cardio activity on the jumpboard as well as incorporating additional reformer toning exercises.  It's not all about the legs!  By increasing & decreasing the spring tension, you are able to work arms, glutes & core as well.  This class is more high energy, so you will constantly be moving with minimal rest periods in order to keep the heart rate elevated.   Jumpboard is a great low-impact way to get your cardio in... Plus it is really fun!

* This class is not suitable for those who are pregnant or who are dealing with injuries


 The Pilates Interval Circuit uses a circuit timer where Green means GO & Red means STOP, transition to the next exercise, or pulse. The circuit timer is programed to different interval settings.  You might do a Tabata one day, a 60 sec. interval another day & a circuit the next! In this class you will be constantly moving & you may use additional props like weights, ball, weighted bar or ring to increase the challenge. This class is more challenging & more high energy than your typical class, however it can be modified to accommodate a variety of levels, just let your instructor know if you need a modification.  This class is upbeat, fun & takes traditional Pilates to a whole new level!



3 PRIVATE SESSIONS: $195 ($65/session)

5 PRIVATE SESSIONS:  $300 ($60/session)

10 PRIVATE SESSIONS:  $550 ($55/session)

1 DUET SESSION (2 people): $90 ($45 per person)

3 DUET SESSIONS: $240 ($120 per person)

5 DUET SESSIONS: $400 ($200 per person)

10 DUET SESSIONS: $760 ($380 per person)

*When buying Duet Sessions online please purchase one under each clients name. For example when purchasing a 3 pack of Duets, Person A would buy $120 under their account & name and Person B would purchase $120 under their account & name. Please contact Amy if you have questions regarding this

When Purchasing Privates or Duets please contact Amy prior to purchase to ensure your desired Trainer & Time are available for you. (619) 354-8468

A private session consists of you and the instructor of your choice one-on-one for a private lesson.  A duet session consists of you, another person of your choosing & the instructor for a semi-private lesson.  Privates and duets are great if you're new to Pilates or the reformer, if you're rehabbing an injury, or if you just want personalized attention to work on your specific fitness/mobility goals. These sessions are tailored individually to meet your specific needs.  Many people feel more comfortable starting with a few private sessions before transitioning into the group classes.  A great next step if you've been undergoing Physical Therapy treatment or if you are pregnant or postpartum. These sessions are also a great way to increase strength, flexibility & mobility if you are an athlete looking to cross train & effectively work the less dominant muscle groups.   

If you are looking for a cheaper option, consider a duet.  It's a great way to share the cost with a friend & still get a semi-private session. 

Small group private classes are great to celebrate birthdays, bridal or baby showers or as a special event for an office.  Please contact Amy if you are interested in booking the studio for your small group.

To schedule a private/duet session or private class, please email us at or call us at  619-354-8468


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